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this have such an impact on us is because we can all understand what it would be to have somebody that we love taken from us in this fashion. >> the president also praised the state, local and federal authorities who responded to the shooting. >> stop the violence, save the children, keep home alive. >> in largo, maryland, a group held a prayer vigil for the victims an families. the rainbow push coalition held a vigil, encouraging the community to be strong. they called for legislation banning assault weapons. coming up on the "today" show, in the wake of the colorado mass shooting, a hidden camera investigation on gun sales, just how easy it is for criminals to buy assault weapons. that's coming up at 7:00 a.m. on nbc4. >>> turning to first look at the weather, it is a little muggy out there. i saw a few raindrops coming in. >> meteorologist tom kierein, our eyes aren't receiving us. >> good morning, eun, good to have you back. >> thanks so much. appreciate it. >> in some places it's partly cloudy. those speckles of green, those are a few sprinkles, right now getting a few out on the mou
. looks like tom kierein joining us now with a look at our forecast. good morning. >> a little humidity in the air. a settled pattern for the next couple of days but maybe a few scattered isolated showers. all around the region, generally holding steady right around the mid 60s in the suburbs to upper 60 nasdaq many locations there. near 60 out of the mountains. right now around washington, low 70 nasdaq montgomery, arlington. mid 70s in the district. right near the bay, mid and upper 60s as well as at the atlantic beaches. scattered showers and a little bit of thunder. generally dissipating. there's still om par cyst teers showers here. partly cloudy sky. final day of july. by 7:00 we'll be in the low 70s. a little sunshine in and out. partly sunny noontime. mid afternoon, isolated shower maybe with a downpour and some thunder and lightning. that may linger into late afternoon. i'm back in ten minutes. danella is here now with your first4 traffic. >> thanks, tom. coming up, let's talk about overnight road work. still happening in our area. you're taking the beltway in virginia. the out
the massacre. eun, that's the latest from centennial. >> leanne greg live in centennial, colorado, for us. thank you. >>> in ohio a kent state university student will be arraigned on charges he made a threat against the school. 19-year-old tweeted he planned to shoot up the campus. >>> breaking news back here at home out of laurel. emergency crew on the scene of a hazmat situation. news4's megan mcgrath is live for us this morning. what's the latest? >> reporter: aaron, it looks like the fire department has a handle on this situation. just a few moments ago a group of employees who had been just on the other side of this fence kind of milling around in the parking lot. they were given word that they would be allowed to go back toward the building again. a little while ago saw this large group of people walking back toward the building. this is a hazmat situation here this morning at this mail processing facility. apparently a nytric acid spill in one of the bays. hazmat crews were brought here to the scene to do their work, to start to clean this up. again, within just the last few minute
the outage residents were forced to walk to local fire and police stations or use the nemergency number. they want the council of governments to get involved and today they'll ask to form a regional task force to take a closer look at the 911 failure and how to prevent the problem in the future. >> if your yard is a mess with debris from the storms, crews will collect debris on county maintained roads. put your debris in the grassy area next to the road. make sure it's not blocking the sidewalk, roadway or a driveway. if you don't see crews today, be patient. it could take several days to collect all of the debris. >>> it is now 4:30. we had heavy downpours last night. at least i did where i live. >> i missed it. it was highly isolated. most of the area didn't get any rain. highly isolated heavy downpours last night. all of that is gone now thankfully. we're all settled down. here's what's been happening over the last few hours. just a few clouds coming through now. and storm4 radar not picking up any showers around it the region. the nearest rain is way down into north carolina. right
are in the d.c. area. wells nar go also agreed to use $50 million for down payment assistance in specially hard hit areas including washington, d.c. and baltimore. >> all right. we have had a beautiful stretch of weather, lower humidity. but still warm like summer should be, right? >> right. >> we really enjoyed yesterday. hope it stays this way, tom. but i have a feeling you're going to say we're not going to be that luck. >> i came across a crew laying down asphalt yesterday and they recognized me and gave me a thumbs up. >> all right! >> and still thumbs up today, too, if you have to work outside because still not too humid. we've had the clouds close in. we do have a few sprinkles around the metro area. there is is a live view from the city camera. jefferson memorial. cloudy at reagan national, 77. humidity still not too bad. dew point in the low 60s. not bad. we've got a very light southe t southeasterly wind. storm 4 radar showing the moving color. sprinkles across northern virginia and from near fredericksburg and charlottesville and washington. a few light sprinkles here. patches of gr
. northbound 295 at west nursery road. debris in the roadway there. your lanes are open, but use caution. traveling eastbound, route 50, this is near colinton. only the right lane gets by there. and just be careful. again, only the right lane and reduce your speeds this morning. also, you're dealing, if you're traveling in virginia, with high-standing water on some of your area roadways, specifically b e berfolk lane from stewart road. be careful this morning. i'm back in ten with another update. >> danella, thank you. >>> heads-up for metro commuters, service is up and running after friday's derailment, but there will still be some delays. trains will be single-tracking between fort totten and prince george's plaza. crews working on a piece of bent track in that area that caused that derailment. metro says that the extreme heat is to blame for that incident. all other lines are expected to run on time and there are no more heat-related speed restrictions. >>> the heat is also to blame for a buckling part of route 50 near 197 in bowie, maryland. three eastbound lanes will stay closed thr
resignation until the u.s. attorney actually asserts that the mayor himself did something wrong." >>> today, metro will give new details about the derailment that shut down a stretch of the green line last weekend. metro says the extreme heat may be to blame after three cars jumped the track on friday. you can see a slight bend in the tracks where the derailment happened. metro is expected to discuss the derailment at this morning's board meeting. that starts at 9:30 a.m. >>> well, it is warm out there this morning. >> a little bit, but i feel like these last few days have been so nice compared to what we had for the last couple of weeks. >> i know. >> now we want to know if the heat's going to creep back into our area, tom. >> don't even mention it. don't talk heat. >> don't talk heat? >> don't go there. >> don't even go there. >> think cool. >> think cool. >> it actually is pretty nice out now and humidity has dropped yesterday, and overnight temperatures have dropped as well. it's pleasant. we're down into the 60s much of the area. getting a few sprinkles there about to come into king ge
nation as to why the prices go up. >> okay. >> most of us have parking under our buildings. >>> 4:37. ahead on "news4 today," the the dangerous discovery one passenger made when that person went to bite into an inflight meal. >>> plus, the muddy mess that caused a traffic nightmare for drivers in downtown baltimore. >>> hope you enjoyed your break from the extreme heat, my friends, because it is back in a big way. just how hot are things going to get today? >>> if you're headed to baltimore this morning expect some delays while crews continue to fix a water main break. take a look at all this. such a mess. a 20-inch water main broke yesterday morning. part of light street at lombard street at the inner harbor buckled when water gushed out of the main for hours. the water is shut off but the streets are closed while crews make those repairs. baltimore officials warn commuters to take public transportation or find an alternate route this morning. i wouldn't blame them. that is -- >> pretty awful. terrible place to have that happen, too, right there by the harbor. >> very busy area.
from us though. tom kierein is here with the forecast. good morning. >> they usually form earlier in the day, develop, and intensify and develop their own momentum and sweep on through. then they dissipate and they're gone. they come and go. right now, they're gone. the storms we had rast night, they are gone. we did have some very light tree damage in parts of the region, mainly in virginia and west virginia last evening. right now low to mid 70s along the area. 78 in reagan national. another heat advisory in effect. all of these counties in orange. points south and east, heat index over 105 by mid afternoon. probably not as hot today as we have more clouds around. right now radar is showing a cluster of showers and thunder showerses coming into west virginia. ahead of that we have light rain falling in frederick county and washington county. no rain around washington. we do have a threat of severe storms. this yellow zone, south and east of the metro area this afternoon. generally 4:00 to 8:00 p.m., wind damage there. day planner for this friday. some of those storms to the west
of heat that we are talking about for so long and it's going to stay with us for a couple more days. 77, our temperature. we've got clouds out there right now. in fact, we've got a few showers that will be moving into our area. from 72 in rockville to 77 in d.c. 77 in college park. 73 degrees currently over in sterling. take a look at that line. it's just coming over the maryland line. frederick, 70 and 270. as you zoom in you can see that it is weakening. just about how an hour and 30 minutes away from making his way into the district. those storms just mainly showers for the mornings. scattered storms for the afternoon. your high temperature today going up to 98 degree just like yesterday. danella? >> good morning. well, if you're traveling around our town still seeing some dark intersections, remember, treat them as a four-way stop. now, a lot of people have family coming up i-95. if they are on their way right now coming up from quantico area, travel lanes are open. not seeing any issues for them. nice and clear. in fact, in both directions a live look as you are getting the overpas
county are suspended this morning. anybody can use 66 or 270 during the morning rush hour. now let's get a check of the current problems we're dealing with on the roads. danella, good morning. >> good morning. right now, eun, still seeing a lot of traffic lights out, completely dark when you come to the sberkds intersections. treat them as four-way stop signs. a lot of debris still in the roadway. you may see fallen branches just blocking the right lanes, even the left lanes. stick to the center lane just to be safe and give yourself some extra time. taking the beltway, the outer loop of telegraph road, disabled vehicle in that area. if you're taking the beltway in montgomery county, in issues there. this is the view as you make your way traveling the outer loop as well as the inner loop of the beltway. no issues in montgomery county or prince george's county. and if you're traveling i-95 northbound in the hov lanes, at the occoquan, saw an incident in this area. if you're in the hov lanes 95 northbound past the occuquan you may see police activity. so just be aware of that. i'm going to
and lesbian troops for the first time last month. >>> today in alexandria a judge will sentence a former u.s. marine who fired shots at several military buildings in our region. 24-year-old pleaded guilty to charges of destroying u.s. property. he fired at the pentagon, a marine corps museum in quantico, two recruiting centers, also back in 2010. no one was hurt but the shooting did thousands of dollars worth of damage. police arrested him near arlington cemetery last june. >>> later today a man accused of stabbing a man to death will make his first appearance in court. police arrested 30-year-old jonathan dockens yesterday in charge of stabbing him in may. police believe brisbane was driving home when he saw him and another person arguing on the sidewalk. when he got out of his car to see if everything was okay, dockens was allegedly stabbed in the back. brisbane died a short time later. >>> a baltimore man was behind bars after leading police on a high speed chase that ended in near head-on collision. police was trying to pull him over for not wearing his seat belt and he sped off. he led
on streets next month. they had to quit using them two years ago because they inflated blood alcohol levels. there are also heavier penalties for drunk drivers. >>> a look at excsive video at the moment of a microburst tore through virginia. this is from a camera on an auto shop in fredericksburg. damage in the fredericksburg area is expected to take weeks if not months to clean up. >>> we know, tom, meter yo lo meteorlogically that a microburst and tornado are different, but the results look the same. >> good morning. certainly more cool and pleasant. a little less humid overnight, and there is the vow friew from space. radar echo showing light rain, patches of green from north of charlottesville to west of fredericksburg, traveling west to east, and fredericksburg may get a little shower activity and showers in the northern neck. that too passing east. north of there, partly cloudy sky, a half moon in the southern sky this morning and temperatures around the region, much more pleasant, right now, frederick and gaithersburg, sensors are not connected to the network. in the 60s. montgome mo
kierein is here to tell us what we can expect as the day moves forward. >> unmorsefully not quite as humid as yesterday. yesterday was brutal. in the morning i was out in the yard weeding. in 15 minutes i was covered in sweat. just incredible. not really even that much physical exertion. thankfully over night after the storms came through, the humidity mass dropped a little bit. there's what's been happening over the last 12 hours. scattered thunder showers with downpours yesterday. those are v. dissipated. now as we look at a view from space we have a sky beginning to clear out a bit. around our region we have just a partly cloudy sky and temperatures are generally in the areas in yellow on your screen are in the 70s. it's 77 at reagan national. a few pockets though, these areas north and west of washington are in the 60s. it's in the 60s out in the mountains as well in western maryland and much of west virginia on this monday morning. now, for the rest of your day today we'll have our temperatures climbing. we'll be into the mid 90s by mid afternoon. it's going to be rather humid but not
's daughters still remember his last words. >> the girls told us that as they were leaving the theater, that he was yelling after them "i love you, i love you both." >> colorado governor john hickenlooper and aurora's mayor were at yesterday's funeral. an emotional moment at the memorial for the victims of the movie theater shootings. aurora police officers paid their respects yesterday. some of them were among the first to respond when 911 calls started pouring in moments after the shots rang out. >>> this morning, a family is mourning the loss of a 4-year-old boy who shot and killed himself when he found a gun. prince william county police say the boy found a gun in a pickup truck outside a home on empire street in dale city yesterday afternoon. police say he died from a gunshot to the head. they say his family was inside the home at the time. no word on whether charges will be filed, but right now police are calling it a tragic accident. >>> today is the day many redskins fans have been waiting months for, the start of training camp and the beginning of the rg3 era. robert griffin iii will b
envied the u.s. economy for businesses grown from the ground up and that it is the american way. he went on to say this. >> that i wish this president would learn how to be an american. >> later sununu tried to clarify and said the president has to learn the american formula for creating business. he then told cnn he shouldn't have used those words. the statement comes as romney has pounced on the president's comments last week where he suggested government played a role in the success of private enterprise. today new jersey governor chris christie will be in town to help raise money for mitt romney's republican campaign. he will speak at breakfast here in the district later this morning. meanwhile, there is more pressure for romney to release his tax returns. the former presidential candidate and texas governor rick perry says anyone run for office should be as transparent as possible. perry did not specifically name romney. >>> in arizona sheriff is claiming that he is now positive that president obama's birth certificate is a fraud. maricopa county sheriff said a team of volunteer inv
for a gunman. >> we are looking for anything that may lead us to a path of flight from the suspects, which way they went, anything that may have been discarded. it's a pretty big crime scene. >> sources say the shooting may be connected to a tuesday shooting near the sherman circle area. >>> six days after the storm now and almost 50,000 people in the d.c. area still don't have power. pepco reporting about 22,000 customers are without electricity right now. dominion virginia power says 14,000 customers have no power. this morning, bge reporting about 11,000 customers in our area don't have electricity. other numbers have that at 35 and smeco is down to just over 200 customers. virginia dominion power is thanking canadian crews. the president of hydro one will be in virginia to meet with virginia dominion power. the meeting is set for 6:30. in all, virginia power has restored service to 95% of the 1 million customers whose service was disrupted by friday's storm. >>> federal government offices are open, but employees can opt out for unscheduled leave or unscheduled telework. only two d.c. publi
now. cloud cover to the south of us. big storms up to the north. and it's stormy conditions that we could have around here on the fourth of july that could disrupt some of our outdoor plans. we'll talk more about that later. first, our day planner forecast, sunshine throughout the day. we're going to go from warm to hot. your high 95 by 3:00 p.m. already by noontime, again will be above 90 degrees. we're doing to hold in the low 90s as we move our way through the early evening hours. so sunshine on tap for today. it does not look like we're going to have any showers or storms until very late this evening. probably after 9:00. so we'll talk more about your fourth of july fireworks, mother nature fireworks, coming up. danella? >> good morning. veronica, i'm checking the roads. if you're traveling on i-66 inside the beltway at glebe, not looking so bad. nice and clear on i-66. as well as outside the beltway, no issues to report. and also if you're traveling locally this morning, be careful. still seeing some lights out. i can tell you a lot of progress has been made on local roads. aga
or are things cooling down, tom? >> are we used to it yet? >> never! >> i don't think we ever fully adapt, do we? even though we've had our run of serious heat and humidity this summer, it still is going to get uncomfortably hot and humid. we're not used to this, yet. and as we take a look at the view from space, we cleared out from yesterday's scattered storms that were north and south and west of the metro area, and now we are under a clear sky this morning, and it's actually fairly pleasant. it is still rather humid. temperatures around the region in the yellows in the 70s, in the orange, we are already climbing into the 80s in a few locations in some of the highlands, out in west virginia. but closer to washington, mid-70s. in washington, montgome the rural areas of maryland and virginia now in the low to mid-70s. "day planner" for this tuesday. a sunny morning. and by 9:00, ought to be in the mid-80s. sunrise this morning is at 6:03. and by noontime, we'll noon the low 90s. heat and humidity during the afternoon, in fact, we'll soar into the upper 90s by mid-afternoon. then late afternoon i
the 4700 lock of lakeland road in college park. tracee wilkins is joining us live with the latest. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, eun. that's where it all began but we're where it all ended because this turned into something like what you would see in a movie actually. take a look behind me as i explain to you why we have a crashed cop car there at the mcdonald's. now, this man who evidently had an exchange of gunfire with police then decided to jump into a squad car and he drove a short distance away before crashing into this mcdonald's. evidently during that exchange of gunfire, he was actually shot by police before deciding to get into this vehicle and drive away. so now they're beginning to tow the crashed cop car here from the mcdonald's property where it landed. let me take you back to where this all began. now, police say just before 11:00 last night they received a call for a man with a gun near lakeland road and college park. when they showed up there was an exchange of gunfire and they hit the suspect at least once. witnesses tell news4 that they saw the suspect then
areas as well. >>> the ride on bus service is back to normal. ride on has been using a holiday schedule since the weekend after pulling 30 champion-style buses out of service. there have been at least a dozen fires on those buses since 2009, including this fire last wednesday in silver spring. montgomery county says it is working to replace those buses. >>> time for our first look at the forecast. refreshing start this morning. breathe deeply, feels so good, especially after the hot sticky days we've had the last couple of days, tom. >> the only bad part, it's just a brief break, enjoy it while you can. what a refreshing change that occurred overnight. a small area of high pressure pushing in. that triggered some storms yesterday afternoon, now they're gone and we're under a clear sky this morning. all those areas in green are in the 60s, that includes just about all of west virginia, much of maryland, areas outside the beltway, northern suburbs into the upper 60s. these areas in yellow the low to mid 70s, that includes southern maryland, southeastern virginia, lower part of the eastern
Search Results 0 to 21 of about 22 (some duplicates have been removed)